When the Aliens Came

Oh alien species,
who come in your ships.
I'm here to give, 
a few little tips.

I know you are smart,
and powerful indeed.
Still this appeal,
I hope you will heed.

If you do eat me,
there's things you should know.
About how you should do it,
it's just gotta be so.

Ok. For the start,
please let me roam free.
At least give me some life,
if your meals I shall be.

Family and friends,
please don't take us apart. 
It's the light of our life,
all we know from the start. 

When it comes to food,
bloody hell, leave it to me. 
I love finding my meals,
everyday choosing free. 

Other than that,
let's meet out on the field.
Just you and me,
and no weapons to wield.  

Many times i'll outrun,
other times it'll be you.
Just the way it goes,
what else can I do?

I just ask that it's fair,
using what we both got.
Not sitting far, far away,
taking some cowardly shot.

Ok, I want to live,
but what can I say?
Your drawn to my blood,
it's your carnivorous way.

I think it's quite gross,
and prefer my place instead.
Not eating the blood and guts,
in which you are fed. 

But all just the same,
I probably taste nice.
My healthy glow and ways,
of course I'd entice. 

Enjoy me right then,
and kill me quite quick.
No need to feel,
on my flesh while you pick.

I don't really get it,
so why even ask more.
I enjoy fruits and vegetables,
while your drawn to this gore. 

But I've heard something new,
you want to put me in fire?
Disguising my flesh,
with some assassin you hire.

Do I hear correctly?
I have a reliable source.
No fangs, claws or speed,
but using weapons as force. 

You neither hunt like the rest,
nor enjoy eating me fresh.
So why in God's name,
would you insist on eating my flesh?

My wife's milk?
Yes, she's lovely. Very pretty and pure. 
But bloody hell it's insane,
and quite disgusting for sure.

All of us slaves,
owned and indoors?
Not hunted nor free,
but bought in your stores.

Sick and diseased,
blood, feces and pus. 
Yet you'd still like to eat us,
and make all this fuss. 

You pump us with needles,
and feed us this grain.
All to make us fat,
good god you're insane.

Our wives you will rape,
while our kids go away. 
The family all torn,
and we haven't a say. 

Can't imagine what else,
you guys have in store. 
Cages, branding and abuse,
how could there be more?

Yes, I know it all,
and what our future will be. 
But good god just listen,
I sure hope you can see.

You don't seem to be starving,
rather quite large and fat. 
No need for sure,
to then act like some cat. 

Not stuck in the desert,
nor lost out at sea.
You have so many choices,
so please let me roam free.

I could never imagine,
a life of this kind.
Disguising blood and guts,
I'd go out of my mind.

I just couldn't last,
I'd know still what I ate.
Why this is your standard,
I sure can't relate.

I thought you were advanced,
in these spaceships you ride. 
But now I quite see,
a much stranger side.

Perhaps I can help you,
come follow my lead.
Listening to instinct,
is how us creatures feed.

Let's find you some food,
just open your eyes. 
Eat what attracts you,
there's no need for disguise.

This is how it works,
simple as it gets.
Following your instincts,
as mother nature lets.

It seems you like plants,
colors, smells and taste.
Surely then my life,
you don't need to waste.

Pretty awesome, huh?
Such an amazing way to eat.
Beauty and flavor,
and no bloody meat. 

You all are quite smart,
but much still you can't see.
All of the simple things,
and these harmonies that be. 

So, let's sit down together,
I'll make you a meal.
I sure guarantee,
how much better you'll feel.

Nah, no need to thank me,
I just couldn't resist.
Forget all that gross, disgustingness,
which you planned to subsist. 

But by your expression,
it's a bit tough to tell.
If you are still quite crazy,
or finally well. 

Sh*t. Ok, hey, I offered some words,
and it all came from my heart! 
At the very least,
give me a running head start!

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