A World of Flavor

We are all drawn to things,
from many forces diverse.
Some fulfill and inspire,
others make us feel worse.

Some are habitual and learned,
while others go deep.
With our responses driving,
the lives we all reap.

But I speak of nature,
and heeding its call.
How it affects us,
and speaks to us all.   

There's a place where there's flavor,
like an ocean of force.
It shines and it calls,
like the ultimate source.

Like blood to a shark,
or a cow's grazing convention.
There's something about fruit,
which always grabs our attention.

It's beautiful and nourishing,
seems almost magical indeed.
Powerful and abundant,
from just the tiniest seed. 

Always tempting and luring,
but is surely no witch.
As it comforts and nurtures,
with flavors so rich.

No need to burn it,
or cover in spice.
Just by itself,
will surely suffice.

It's the real thing,
for which so many strive.
Flavor and fulfillment, 
and not dead, but alive. 

It depends on so much,
the way our food is perceived.
From our palate and habits,
to the quality received.

Fruit's best ripe & in-season,
nice color, smell and feel.
If possible organic,
and more local's ideal.
There's juicy or creamy,
savory, sour or sweet.
Tropical or temperate,
or grown in desert heat.

Grapefruits for breakfast,
refreshing, juicy and tart.
Scooping with such joy,
for your day's perfect start.

Bananas big or small,
there's also thick, thin or red.
Some taste like vanilla,
and even some like sweet bread.

Grapes so enchanting,
as the vineyards inspire.
Popping in your mouth,
with a taste not to tire.

Glowing ripe kiwis,
delicate, mushy and smooth.
With deep green color,
and melting sweetness to soothe.

Soft, crumbling mangosteen,
in its flower-like shell.
Sweet tropical flavor,
with a candy-like smell.

Coconuts on the beach,
tropical day so sunny.
Energizing in bliss,
with sweet water like honey.

Bright orange mandarine,
classic juicy, citrus burst.
So refreshingly sweet,
and always quenching your thirst.

The legend of durian,
and scooping out its thick goo.
A caramel-like flavor,
and strong aroma too.

Those dangling cherries,
with stem, flesh and pit.
Enjoy during summer,
outside while you sit.

Ice cream beans like vanilla,
hence a name most apt.
Just a thick pod of seeds,
where the fruit's all wrapped. 

Deep colored plums,
like some fairy tale night.
Shiny smooth skin,
and an effortless bite.

Papayas to scoop,
an almost syrupy flavor.
A deep, vibrant color,
and aroma to savor.

Star fruit's reminiscent,
of an almost citrusy grape.
But still more alluring,
with that magical star shape.

Tomatoes like pasta sauce,
becoming ripe on the vine.
So savory and juicy,
with vibrant colors to shine.

Jelly-doughnut like figs,
oozing out while you chew.
Its sweetness just bursting,
with your teeth sinking through.

The taste of sugar apple,
like a date-infused pear.
But still so creamy,
with true tropical flair.

James and his giant peach,
you only wish it were real.
That luscious, soft texture,
and diving in at each meal.

Sapodilla's brown sugar,
what else can you say?
Still richer and better,
and won't ruin your day.

Watermelon in summer,
after a nice, long run.
Amazingly refreshing,
while outside in the sun.

Before cacao makes chocolate,
it's covered in juicy fruit.
You can suck on each seed,
with candy sweetness to suit.

Dangling orange in the tree,
vibrant colors just glowing.
So hydrating and joyful,
with sweet juiciness flowing.

Mamey like sweet potato pie,
or even carrot cake.
And still just fruit,
quite real, and not fake.

A thick-fleshed lychee,
and when it's pit's so small,
is like heaven on earth,
found in this red ball.

Most colorful mangoes,
there's varieties galore.
With thick, juicy bites,
and candy flavors to pour.

Sweet pears in autumn,
with soft texture-like crunch.
Taking on a long hike,
and enjoying for lunch.

Soursop most fulfilling,
tropical features intertwined.
That rich, creamy texture,
with pineapple sweetness combined.

Blueberries picked wild,
bushes happily found.
Up high on some mountain,
with no one around.

Shiny, red pomegranates,
to chew with such pleasure.
Like Valentine's Day candy,
or bright, buried treasure.

Ripe jackfruit aromatic,
and quite enormously sized.
With Juicy Fruit Gum taste,
so universally prized. 

Coconut jelly to scoop,
so buttery, smooth and creamy.
Savory and rich,
soft, cloud-like and dreamy.

Brittle tamarind pods,
with that sour candy taste.
Quite dry but sticky,
in its brown-colored paste.

Nectarine juices dripping,
on the beach where you lay.
Biting into its flesh,
on a bright summer day.

The mystical blackberry,
in its dark colored passion.
Soft, satisfying and sweet,
in true berry-like fashion.

Rollinia like yogurt,
but no recipe to hide.
Just made on the tree,
that gooey, sweetness inside.

That mushy, ripe star apple,
like an exploding balloon.
A tropical candy taste,
and jelly texture to spoon.

Soft, juicy melons,
that you can smell for a mile.
With so many types,
you can't help but just smile.

Fresh, barhi dates like caramel,
a cathartic crunch so slight.
With that ripe golden color,
an always welcoming sight.

Pink guava so dreamy,
you can't help but just stare.
Unique tropical flavor,
with not much to compare.

Breaking into eggfruit,
with bready texture to stick.
Like a soft, sweet cookie,
quite rich, dense and thick. 

Dragon fruit's enigmatic, 
kinda savory, kinda sweet;
usually a bit subtle,
but still amazing to eat. 

The smooth skin of apricots,
make them tough to resist.
Like a miniature peach,
with its own sour twist.

Rambutans are fruit snacks,
but more juicy and fresh.
Crunching into each one,
and its chewy, sweet flesh.

Avocado like butter,
skin soft to the touch.
Scooping out with a spoon,
though can't eat too much. 

Granadilla seeds to chew,
like a soft mouthful of ice.
With sweet, fruity flavor,
and crunchy bite to entice.

The candy-sweet jocote,
like a starburst or skittle.
Just sucking out its juices,
from the pit in the middle.

Ripe breadfruit collapsing,
tropical look, taste and feel.
Going down with such ease,
for a most relaxing meal.

Passion fruit so refreshing,
like a sweet but sour soup.
Enjoying the juice,
with the seeds in each scoop.

Red strawberries alluring,
glowing, vibrant and bright.
Juicy and sweet,
with a crunch just right.

The black sapote surprise,
and its dark pudding concealed.
With slight chocolatey taste,
and awesome texture revealed.

The honey sweet cempedek,
like jackfruit and durian merged.
Caramel, bubble gum flavors,
and creamy, chewiness converged.

Rasberries so inviting,
sweet candy quintessence.
Just melting in your mouth,
with soft, cloud-like essence.

Paw-paw's like a mango,
yet thrives in the cold.
It used to grow wild,
now hardly is sold.

Ripe cantaloupe aroma,
with juicy texture to please.
A creamsicle flavor,
and all scooped with such ease.

Shiny, smooth tamarillos,
colors purple, orange and red.
Like sweeter tomatoes,
just tree-grown instead.

Fully ripe cherimoya,
with creamy fruit coming loose.
A blended tropical taste,
like a sweet smoothie or juice.

Translucent fleshed longans,
with sweet flavor unique.
Cracking into its shell,
and tree-colored mystique.

Pineapple's calling scent,
and sweet taste of such power.
With tropical presence,
like some fairy tale flower. 

Mulberries just appearing,
in the woods while you stroll.
A most blissful meal,
just picking until full.

The crunch of an apple,
just never gets old.
With so many types,
green, red, pink or gold. 

Glowing ripe persimmons,
candy sweetness to enthrall.
Halloween meets summer,
with the true mango of fall.

The fruits just go on,
with countless varieties grown.
Whether planted and sold,
or wild and unknown.
Though picking a favorite,
is a most difficult call.
Just eating a good one,
and you wanna choose all.

Natural flavor exists,
although quite relatively based.
All depending on us,
and our ability to taste.
Refined salt, sugar and oil,
alcohol, smoking or gum.
All great ways,
to make our palate quite numb.

Truly righteous justice,
how our earth does provide.
Nurturing and fair,
and never tries to hide.
It gives us this fruit,
with a most comforting magic.
Life simple and sweet,
and surely need not be tragic.

Such blissful euphoria,
like a warm breeze in spring.
The experience of fruit,
and the joy it does bring.

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