Susan of Kyoto, Japan

We’re very happy to introduce Susan’s quaint, simple home in Kyoto! An old city (formerly the imperial capital) located on the island of Honshu, Kyoto is filled with Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, gardens and old palaces. Susan describes it as a big city that maintains a small town feel, in a neighborhood characterized as quiet, traditional and convenient. Being centrally located makes it easy to get around by bicycle.
Kyoto is a very vegan friendly area with over 40 vegetarian/vegan listings on HappyCow, 31 of which are completely vegan! Susan’s place is an independent guest house in an old Japanese machiya, which is a traditional wooden townhouse. You’ll have access to the entire home, including kitchen, washing machine, and 2 or more bicycles.
Susan has been a vegetarian since childhood and became fully vegan over the past few years after her time helping animals in the Fukushima disaster relief efforts, which provided an opportunity to get more acquainted with some new cow and chicken friends. A kindergarten teacher in the local area who spends much of her free time volunteering for an animal welfare group, Susan also loves biking around the local area, relaxing in nature, exploring the vegan restaurants, and visiting the local shrines or temples.
Susan lives nearby the guest machiya in a separate home, and despite a busy schedule tries to meet all of her guests, especially those interested in animal welfare efforts in Japan.
If traveling through Kyoto or planning a trip, rest at ease in a vegetarian kitchen and say hello to a fellow vegan in the area at Susan’s place.

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