Kiki from Union City, NJ

There are a lot of awesome vegan and vegetarians from all over the world opening up their homes to you, and we are so excited to feature our first host, Kiki Adami, from Union City, NJ and founder of Veganizer Inc.
Kiki and her partner Paul live in a large, quiet 2-bedroom apartment with amazing views overlooking Manhattan.  Their listing is for a private bedroom with its own attached bathroom and walk-in closet. The apartment is a 10 minute ride to 42nd street Time Square and in walking distance to the Hudson Ferry - so if you’re looking to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer, but don’t want to deal with the traffic, then this is the place for you!
Kiki currently eats about an 80% raw, 20% cooked food diet and was fully raw for a few years beginning in 2010.  One of her big passions is introducing friends and family to awesome tasting vegan foods to show people just how easy going vegan can be. Kiki puts this passion to work through her newly-found company, Veganizer, a full service consulting and marketing company dedicated to helping small to medium size companies capitalize on the growing vegan and raw food trend.  She connects talented, regional vegan chefs with restaurants looking to incorporate vegan food on their menu, and then provides the PR necessary for that restaurant’s success.
Kiki’s expertise comes from her experience with GustOrganics, an organic meat and restaurant bar in NYC that went 100% vegan in November 2014.  Together and with time, she and her partner, Paul, slowly converted the restaurant, known for its USDA Certified organic meat, to a fully vegan menu. 
Since November 2014 when GustOrganics decided to go fully vegan, 4 other restaurants have successfully followed suit, in addition to a goat farm and upstate New York pig farm. Kiki saw first-hand just how active and supportive the vegan and vegetarian community is.  She is confident that as long as the word gets out, people will be flocking from all areas of the world to back restaurants looking to change their social and environmental impact.
Kiki sounds pretty cool, huh? If you are interested in staying with her and Paul in their home near New York City, check it out here!

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