Nancy from NYC

We want to introduce you guys to one of our hosts in New York City. Her name is Nancy and she’s been vegan since 1969. If you struggle explaining your vegan lifestyle today, imagine what it was like then! It was originally health that sparked her interest, but today Nancy is very active in educating people on animal rights and the many realities behind going vegan. 
Leafletting is a common part of her every day life, carrying them with her wherever she goes and handing out between 5-7,000 per month. Additionally, she produces a weekly TV show for her group ROAR (Reaching out for Animal Rights) and is currently in the process of producing a full-length documentary. She’s had a pretty cool and colorful working life as well, working as a teacher, massage therapist, house-keeper, factory worker, telephone operator, construction worker and even a cab driver.

Nancy’s had the opportunity of meeting a large diverse group of people from around the world through Vegvisits. Though she hasn’t used the Vegvisits platform to travel yet, she has been opening up her home since 2013. When she’s not working or interacting with her guests, she lives a very active lifestyle including daily yoga, meditation and running. She maintains an essentially low-fat/raw diet also, made up mostly of fruit, juice, salads and some nuts/seeds.
Anyway, her place is in East Harlem, around the corner from Columbia University. She’s been there since 2012 and loves the diverse, family oriented and largely working-class neighborhood she’s in. There's lots of history and culture in this part of the city, from the Apollo Theatre, museums, and churches to of course, Central Park! There’s always the subway, but the benefit of being in New York is you can walk almost anywhere. You are within walking distance to vegan restaurants, a Whole Foods Market, and a produce market around the corner. Her place is very open, surrounded by gardens with lot’s of natural sunlight from a few different places (which is not always so common in a place like NYC).
There’s quite the energy in NYC this time of year. From runners throughout the day in the park, street performers, and musicians to the coming Christmas lights, skating at Rockefeller Center, and of course the loads of vegan restaurants, it could definitely be worth a trip in and getting to know Nancy! Check out her place here

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