The Many Ways to Eat 'Vegan'

Vegan is a word,
now commonly said.
For those eating without animals,
but plant foods instead.
Other than that,
it doesn't say much. 
Really just the foods,
they simply won't touch.

It is not a diet,
nor identity to cling.
Despite the impression,
it generally will bring.
So how to do 'vegan',
and what on earth can you eat?
Really it's anything,
but dairy, eggs and meat.

There's a continuum of ways,
of what many do.
How you fit in,
is all up to you.
At one end of the spectrum,
if it's vegan it's fine.
A true world of ways,
in which they can dine.

Chips, cupcakes or pizza,
'mac & cheez' or sloppy joes.
French fries with ketchup,
and even oreos.
Oil, sugar and salt,
so much more is fair game.
To recreate those old dishes,
and make them taste the same.

Ok, it's not the healthiest,
but truly worlds better fed,
the plant-based version,
than what a body has shed.
Going down the spectrum,
some give it more thought.
With those healthier versions,
more commonly sought.

Organic and whole-grain,
always reading the label.
Just the healthier versions,
now lining their table. 
Ingredients more natural,
all easily pronounced.
GMO and harsh chemicals,
forever renounced.

Still pasta and burgers,
cereal, ice-cream and more.
All just bought in,
another part of the store.
Further down the spectrum
more whole-food's the norm.
With more thought given to,
the food and its form.

Less of the packaged foods,
that sit in boxes on shelves. 
Instead prefer making,
with recipes themselves.
If ever buy packaged,
they choose the healthiest one.
Whether fresh squeezed OJ,
or an 'Ezekiel' bun.

Oil, salt and sugar,
they only sparingly use.
It's more herbs and whole-foods,
in the spices they choose.
More down the spectrum,
people go straight to the source.
With only whole-foods,
and nothing processed, of course.

Fruits, seeds and nuts,
veggies, legumes and grains.
Doesn't sound like much,
yet so much it contains.
Endless crops to choose,
and countless varieties as well. 
A diversity of flavor,
texture, color and smell.  
There's avocado and yams,
pineapples, cherries and greens.
Quinoa or olives,
and endless types of beans.

Garlic and onion to flavor,
cilantro, basil and thyme.
Rosemary and ginger,
or jalapeno with lime. 
Rice & beans with salsa,
lentil soup or squash stew.
Guacamole and hummus,
and ratatouille too.

Burritos with nachos,
tacos, cookies or cake.
Even with just whole-foods,
you can easily make.
Moving on down the spectrum,
it's just veggies and fruits.
Some raw, some cooked,
whichever most suits.

Cooked veggies at night,
with raw fruits by day.
Is generally the standard,
in eating this way.
The portions are bigger,
most just eat until full.
And with quality produce,
it's quite far from dull.

Maybe a big smoothie for breakfast,
then a huge salad for lunch.
Dinner's some potatoes,
perhaps a few or a bunch.
Their meal's always changing
as the seasons do bring.
Figs and grapes in autumn,
or strawberries in spring.

Your palate does change,
and the foods you do crave.
It's quality fruits & veggies,
for which you will rave.
It's generally quite simple,
fruits & veggies alone.
But with creative recipes,
your mind can be blown.

There's smoothies and juices,
chilli, brownies and pies.
'Zoodles', sushi or salsa
and sweet potato fries.
Anything you can imagine,
whether cooked or raw.
So many amazing flavors,
to leave you in awe.
Lastly in the spectrum,
it's all uncooked.
Just raw fruits & veggies,
and still they're hooked.

It's called 'Low-fat raw vegan',
and mostly fruit is consumed.
With those gargantuan salads,
quite safely presumed. 
Lots of fruit in the morning,
fruit and salad at night.
Generally 2 huge meals,
for a most pleasant sight. 

Fruit becomes quite exciting,
as the seasons go by.
With ripe, fresh fruit,
almost making you cry.

When mango's in season,
there's  always more than one type.
All a bit different,
and quite deserving the hype. 
Persimmons and citrus,
melons, peaches and pears.
Local, juicy tomatoes,
to erase all your cares.

Lychees and sapote,
soupsop, durian and more.
Tropical fruits endless,
and flavors galore.
Most eat quite simple,
lots of 1 fruit at each meal.
Appreciating its flavor,
and how much better they feel.
But even with raw food,
the recipes abound.
Making you wonder why,
you've just suddenly found.

Mexican, Italian or Asian,
there are dressings diverse.
Making those endless salads,
a most pleasing traverse.
There's then 'zoodles' and salsas,
cabbage burritos and pad thai.
Mushroom pizzas or burgers,
or lasagna stacked high.

Banana ice-cream with caramel,
there's cinnamon rolls too.
A cake made from carrots,
and still more you can do.
That is just a glimpse,
of how vegan's done.
A more general look,
from which you can run.

Each has its merits,
you do learn as you go.
The more you experience,
the more you will know.
There's much more to vegan,
than the mere absence of things.
As any will tell you,
the many joys it sure brings.

So good things ahead,
and future quite bright.
A celebration of life,
as dark turns to light.

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